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Family systems therapy

Family therapy is a method of psychotherapy that focuses on communication between family members and significant others, the quality of relationships, various developmental crises and coping with them.

Each family is a unique social system and has its own particular balance, structure and patterns of interaction. When a change occurs in a family, where the balance cannot be maintained, the whole system is affected.

Each family member is part of the wider family system and a change in one member will affect the whole family. The aim of therapy is to help the family to cope with this change and to find an optimal solution that will improve the functioning of the whole family, increasing the satisfaction and closeness of the family members.

Common reasons for seeking family therapy:

  • Unease with the functioning of the family (various misunderstandings, rising conflicts, role conflict).
  • Relationship problems
  • Emotional and behavioural problems in young children and adolescents.
  • Parenting skills issues
  • Coping with change (ill health of a family member, becoming a parent, moving house, bereavement, job loss)
  • Cohabitation problems
  • Mental health problems

Family therapy takes place in a safe and supportive environment, where it is important to go through therapy as a whole in order to achieve lasting change.

The number of sessions needed depends on the specific goals set with the family. Therapy usually takes the form of a conversation, lasts for an hour and a half and usually starts with a whole-family introduction.

For couples, the therapy starts with a meeting with both partners, but it is equally possible to come alone.

Take care of yourself and your close relationships, they are the foundation of our mental health.

Feel free to come to family therapy!

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