Mental health is described by the World Health Organisation as a state of well-being in which a person realises his or her potential, copes with the stresses and losses of daily life, is able to work effectively and is able to contribute to the community.

Good mental health is a resource that deserves sustained attention and care. It allows a person to experience life as meaningful and to be creative and productive.

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Mental health nurse

A mental health nurse is a mental health professional with a degree in nursing who carries out an initial assessment of a person's mental health and, on the basis of that assessment, analyses the urgency of the need for treatment.

We recommend that you start with a mental health nurse when planning your first visit with us. Please feel free to contact a mental health nurse if you or a loved one has a mental health question or concern.

A mental health nurse can help you assess whether you need to see a psychiatrist.


Our clinical psychologists and psychotherapists accept adults and families-couples.

The services offered:

- Psychological consultation
- Individual psychotherapy
- Couples and family therapy
- Psychological studies: personality studies, cognition studies, studies to support the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders and ADHD


A psychiatrist is a specialist doctor who diagnoses and treats mental health disorders.

Our psychiatrists see children, adolescents and adults.During the intake, a treatment plan is drawn up according to individual needs and the reason for the referral.

The psychiatrist is also competent to advise on whether and which psychotherapeutic method would be effective and appropriate for the specific reason for the referral, and what investigations are needed to clarify the diagnosis.


About our centre

The purpose of our clinic is to provide an individual approach with dedication in the psychiatric field. Our individual approach is at the same time supported by evidence-based medicine.

​Mental health is the foundation of everything else in our lives – we need it to live a fulfilling life and to manage the challanges of today`s society. Our wish is to guide everyone who cares for their own mental health in choosing the right individual treatment plan.​

Turning to a psychiatrist or a psychologist can be much more than dealing with acute problems. The goal of our professional and caring team is to be a guide in a wider healing process – a personal development which unfolds through a cooperation between the patient and the mental health specialist.


How to reach us

We are waiting for you at Ülemiste Health House, Valukoja 7, Tallinn. Offices 401-404 are located on the 4th floor.

Please note that we do not have a separate registration desk, the signposts in the Health House will direct you to our centre and there is a comfortable seating area for you to sit in. Take a seat and wait to be called by a specialist.

We are open:
MON-FRI 8.00 – 20.00
SAT , SUN by appointment

How to get here by public transport:

Bus 7, 15, 45, 49, 65 (Lõõtsa, Valukoja).
tram 4 (Ülemiste Linnak)

The Ülemiste Tervisemaja parking is free of charge for 2h. Follow the parking instructions carefully!

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Ülemiste Psychiatric Center

Valukoja 7, Tallinn 11415

Health Care Licences: L05241, L05242

Registry code: 16155696

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If you are unable to attend the appointment or would like to reschedule, please notify us by email no later than 2 working days before the appointment to receive full refund. In case of later notification you will be charged for the visit.