Price list

Services and rates

Ülemiste Psychiatric Centre is not a partner of Estonian Health Insurance Fund, which means all services are paid.

Most of our services are bookable online and must be pre-paid. After payment, you’ll receive a separate e-mail confirmation from where you can check your invoice.

If you are unable to attend the appointment or would like to reschedule, please notify us by email no later than 2 working days before the appointment to receive full refund. In case of later notification you will be charged for the visit.

Mental health nurse

Before seeing a psychiatrist, please make an appointment to see a mental health nurse for an initial assessment.

Mental health nurses see adults and children from the age of 7.

First appointment:
50 min / 60€

Repeat appointment:
25 min / 40€  |  50 min / 50€

Nurse`s home visit

Home visits by prior arrangement. If you are interested, please contact us by email



Before seeing a psychiatrist, we ask you to book an appointment with a mental health nurse, who will make an initial assessment and refer you to a psychiatrist. This will also ensure a quicker access to a doctor if necessary.

Dr Anne Berendsen, who is completing her psychiatry residency with a minor in child and adolescent psychiatry, has the same fees. Also available via video bridge.

First appointment:
50 min / 140€ |  80 min / 180€

Subsequent appointment:
25 min / 70€  |  50 min / 100€ |  80 min / 160€

Urgent psychiatric appointment

Psychotherapy session within 5 working days.

We offer if possible! If you are interested, please email

50 min / 200€

Clinical psychologist

Consultation with a clinical psychologist. Also available via video bridge.

25 min / 45€ (uuringu tagasiside visiit)
50 min / 90€

Cognitive assessment in adults

A study of cognition in adults. Includes a structured test battery and scoring, plus a feedback session 45-90 eur (30-50 min).


Personality test in adults

Personality research in adults
includes a structured interview and scoring, plus a feedback session 45-90 eur (30-50 min).


Individual psychotherapy

Also available via video bridge.

You can read about the psychologists at our centre in the team section of the website.

50 min / 90€

Urgent psychotherapy

Where possible, we offer a session within 5 working days.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to

50 min / 120€

Family therapy

We welcome families and couples to systematic family therapy. You can read more about systemic family therapy here.

You can read about our family therapists in the team section of our website.

80 min / 120€

Appointment with the medical team

Psychologist and psychiatrist, by prior arrangement.


Email consultation

E-mail consultation for a repeat patient.


Prescription renewal

Please email your request to

NB! We only extend medication previously prescribed by our doctor! Prescriptions are made within 3 working days.


Issue of a certificate

A psychiatric interview is required before a certificate can be issued.

Depending on the certificate and the circumstances revealed at the psychiatric interview,
psychological examinations may also be necessary.

We do not carry out psychiatric evaluations in connection with firearms licences and we do not issue medical certificates in this connection.

For further information, please contact us by email at


Price list valid from November 2022